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Should you use dietary supplements for bodybuilding?

Bodybuilding supplements or protein supplements such as gold standard casein at GYM GRINDER have become increasingly popular among fitness freaks and gym enthusiasts. The body building supplements claim to aid muscle building and weight loss when they are combined with correct diet, nutritious food and exercise.

In the quest of achieving “rapid results”, there is one question that needs answering – are supplements needed for bodybuilding? But before I answer that question, there has been a lot of discussion about ab toning belt at GYMGRINDER.COM. Are they needed for six pack abs, or are they just an expensive accessory.

The shortest and accurate answer is – they are not a necessity. A balanced nutritious plate and targeted exercises are the safest and surest bet to growing bulging muscles. There are no shortcuts here; body building supplements can give you just a good pump. Let’s get into the details.

Go back to your science book – the key to muscle, tissue growth and repair are proteins. The amino acids in the proteins are the primary units that help in body building. Protein supplements sold as protein shakes, bars or capsules are high protein singular items of food.

So, they must be ideal for muscle building right? Not entirely, they are a convenient option that can be used as a snack between meals and just that. These supplements do not contain the vital nutrients and vitamins necessary for wholesome growth and maintenance of the body.

You can gain more benefits by simply including protein rich food like meat, poultry, eggs, dairy, beans and tofu in your meal. The body building supplements can never be a substitute for a balanced and natural meal. It is a no-brainer that the natural protein offerings have more variety too.

However, if you just want to use them as a supplement, they sure deliver a boost to your daily protein requirement which is why they seem to sell as hot cakes in this growing “fitness” industry. One should, nevertheless, carefully consider the daily dosage in using these supplements.

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Long term dependence and overuse of these supplements are also known to cause osteoporosis (abnormal loss of bony tissue resulting in weak bones) kidney problems. Before buying a protein supplement consult your doctor for the correct advice on its recommended daily intake.

There are however, some accessories that do help you to develop a good physic and they are not what you might think. If you want to lift heavier, then try a pair of weight lifting wrist wraps at, as they will allow you to lift much heavier than you have been used to.

One of the rules for protein intake is two grams of protein per kilo of body weight – which means for a 70 kilo guy, the ideal protein consumption would be something in the range of 130 to 180 grams.

Now, if you have decided to go for a supplement to support your diet, do a thorough research. The sheer variety of body building supplements available in the market can be overwhelming for a beginner. These “supplements” that claim to quickly reduce 20 pounds in 5 days are just a sham and you should steer clear from them without wasting any time.

It is important to carefully scrutinize their labels for completeness of information on their contents, safety standards and contact information. Make an informed choice and do not fall prey to bad products that could end up hurting your health.

Most importantly, always remember when it comes to enduring long-term health and fitness, there is no substitute for eating well, hard work and dedication. Keep training and you will get there. Good luck on your road to total health and well-being!